commercial window washing manhattan

Обслуживание пластиковых и деревянных окон

Everything needs to be looked after. Including behind your Windows. Timely commercial window washing manhattan and regular maintenance of the Windows of your home ensures their impeccable service for many years.

Few people think that a modern window is a complex multi-element system. Moreover, it is important to remember the law that the weakest point of the structure is often its moving parts.

Unfortunately, the current environmental situation, especially in Metropolitan areas, is such that there are many particles of dirt, dust, and even sand in the air. All this commercial window cleaning «suspension» strongly litters elements of window designs, and without proper leaving it can even lead to deterioration warmly — and sound-proof characteristics, and, in some cases and to breakage of a window.

Maintenance of plastic and wooden Windows is little known and the fact that after any finishing or construction work must be professionally cleaned and lubricated all parts of the window. After all, usually we install Windows at the beginning of repair or decoration of the room, and all subsequent building manipulations are associated with a huge amount of fine construction dust, easily penetrating even into the most microscopic holes and cracks.

Therefore, it is not enough just to wash your new window after such work — it is necessary to look after it more carefully and professionally, otherwise after 3 months it may fail. And after all service life of modern Windows, both PVC, and wooden, makes more than 40 conditional years — depends on frequency of their opening/closing and regularity of preventive leaving. And not only the service life — because if the Windows are properly cared for, they will be easier and more enjoyable to use.

Of course, you can take care of window systems yourself. In this case, you will need to purchase a special kit for preventive maintenance of Windows and regularly and gradually perform all the actions specified in the instructions of the product passport. But there is a possibility that you still do something wrong, as well as, as practice shows, you will just forget to do all this complex procedures in a timely manner.

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