nuru massage

тайский массаж это лечебный массаж

Thai massage is a therapeutic massage, so before passing the session it is necessary to establish the true cause of the disease, namely the cause of headaches or fatigue, so as not to harm the body, as there are nuru massage contraindications for Thai massage. In the same way as pills can cure one disease, but hurt in another. Who should not do Thai massage Thai massage is a medical massage, so you should consider what is the health of a person and whether he has contraindications to this type of treatment. Here is a list of diseases and conditions in which it is better to refrain from massage. Exacerbation of chronic diseases. Recent surgery. Elevated body temperature. Inflamed wounds on the body. The presence of skin diseases. Oncology. Disruption of the cardiovascular system. Pregnancy. The presence of massage manhattan mental disorders. It is impossible to massage places of damage of muscles, joints, recently transferred fractures. Intoxication of the body. The therapist cannot perform the role of a doctor. Be sure before you decide to go for a Thai massage, the benefits and contraindications for you to be clarified in conjunction with the doctor. Only after such consultation and conversation with the masseur it is possible not to harm an organism, and to give necessary help. The specialist must take into account the doctor’s recommendations and contraindications. Properly performed procedure of Thai massage will have a healing effect on your health. — Also used postures for stretching muscles. Thai Royal massage differs from the General one in that the masseur is located at a certain distance from the body, in one foot. He moved around on his knees. The patient does not take a posture lying on his stomach. The therapist uses only thumbs. Rarely wrist from the outside. Contact with the patient, the therapist is only touching the working surface of the hands. Perhaps because the royals have the status of inviolability. Positions for stretching are not used. Massage starts from the knee and continue up the legs, finish the feet. No matter what kind of Thai massage you do, the benefits will be felt even after one session.

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